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Ayurvedic Hair Oil With Residue

Ayurvedic Hair Oil With Residue

Ayurvedic Hair Oil With residue – Natural and Easy Hair Care – 200ml

All of us face various types of hair problems and damages like dandruff, frizzy hair, and mostly hair fall making hair care lengthy process. However, there are a few products that make taking care of hair easy and manageable and that can be done by ourselves. One of them is the Ayurvedic hair oil with residue filled with natural ingredients which will get rid of all your hair problems.




Key Ingredients

With so many nutrients, this oil is an easy way to solve all your irritating hair problems naturally.


This works towards rejuvenating your hair making it smooth and frizz-free. It also helps in easy detangling and restoration of luster.

Indian Goose Berry

This is one of the best natural agents that promotes growth and strengthening of your hair. It does this by strengthening your hair follicles.


Brahmi is highly beneficial for your hair helping treat hair conditions like dandruff and alopecia.

Aloevera Leaf

Aloevera can work towards calming an itchy scalp and deep cleaning your oily hair. It also helps strengthening and repairing the hair strands. Vitamins A, C and E available in Aloevera work towards cell turnover promoting healthy growth of your hair cells.


In Ayurveda, Bhringraj is known for promoting growth of your hair and strengthening them at the same time. It can also help in preventing premature graying and dandruff issues.

Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus is one of those natural ingredients which have multiple benefits when it comes to your hair. It stops hair loss and also makes your hair healthy and lustrous adding more volume to it.

Curry Leaves

These are rich in antioxidants as well as proteins which work wonders towards neutralizing free radicals and promoting hair growth.

Coconut Oil

Using Coconut oil for your hair can help prevent problems of drying scalp and dandruff as well as the persistent problems of split ends. It helps lock in moisture in your hair and acts as a wonderful moisturizer.

Castor Oil

It is loaded with ricinoleic acid and Omega 3 fatty acids, which regulate blood circulation in your scalp and is very important for a healthy scalp.

Til Tel

It promotes hair growth and is known for smoothening and soothing damaged hair.
It also prevents hair conditions like dandruff premature graying of hair.

How To Use Ayurvedic Hair Oil With Residue

Step 1 – Gently massage into hair roots using finger tips.

Step 2 – Leave it overnight or three hours before shampoo.

Step 3 – Wash hair with suggested shampoo.

Why you should choose Ayurvedic Hair Oil With Residue

Ayurvedic Hair Oil With Residue
Contains Residue of Herbs
Promotes growth and strengthening of your hair

Prevents premature graying and dandruff issues.

Gives Smooth and frizz-free hair

Deeply Nourishes Hair

Other Product
Doesn’t Nourishes Hair

Doesn’t strengthen hair

Doesn’t treat Dandruff

Leaves hair Frizzy

Doesn’t nourish hair


With so many nutrients, this oil is an easy way to solve all your irritating hair problems naturally.

  • Strengthening – Hair fall has become a problem for all of us due to increasing pollution. This ayurvedic hair oil contains hibiscus, bhringraj and brahmi that strengthens the roots of your hair which prevents hair fall.
  • Hair Growth – The castor oil, fenugreek, and indian gooseberry in the oil helps in the growth of the hair. Gooseberry increases collagen production. Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids that promote healthy hair growth. They also increase the blood circulation of the scalp. Fenugreeks are rich in iron and protein which are essential nutrients required for hair growth.
  • Dandruff – Dandruff is caused due to dry scalp and is very tough to get rid of. The curry leaves, til oil, and aloe vera leaf help with getting rid of dandruff. They have antibacterial and antifungal properties that fight the dandruff causing bacteria. The coconut oil helps lock in moisture that prevents the scalp from drying out. Dandruff will not be a problem for you anymore.


  1. Who can use AAV Ayurvedic Hair Oil with residue?
    Ans: Anybody can use it. There is no age limit.
  2. Is AAV Ayurvedic Hair Oil with residue natural?
    Ans: Yes, it is natural due to the presence of best herbal ingredients in the gel.
  3. Are there any side-effects?
    Ans: No, there will be no side-effects if you don’t have any skin allergy at present.


Natural products can also be allergic to some people. We suggest a small patch test on the inner side of the elbow and leave it for 60 mins. Discontinue if irritation occurs. Consult a dermatologist in case of any reaction or emergency. Natural ingredients may change its color and Fragrance without losing its effectiveness. Store in a Cool and Dry Place.

Ayurvedic Hair Oil With Residue
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