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Oats and Honey Scrubber

Oats and Honey Scrubber

Oats and Honey Scrubber – Your dream product with pure Oats and honey – 100gm

Honey Oats Scrubber is one that is most used by people all around the world for its universal skin properties. There is hardly anyone that may have had a bad experience with a honey oats scrubber. Finding a replacement for it seems impossible even!




Key Ingredients

Aloe Vera extract

Aloe Vera has been widely in use for the treatment of topical skin conditions since forever. Not only does it soothe your sunburns, but also helps in preventing them, moisturizes dry skin, prevents inflammatory acne as well as eczema, reduces dandruff, and much more!

Oat powder

Oat powder is an essential if you have oily or sensitive skin that is prone to acne breakouts, as it soaks up the excess oil from your skin pores. Its anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties remove dead skin cells and dirt from your skin, and exfoliate the skin naturally.


Honey is undoubtedly nature’s one of the finest creations with an astounding amount of beauty benefits, from preventing acne formation or breakouts on oily and acne prone skin due to its antibacterial properties, to locking the moisture in your skin thanks to its humectant properties.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an essential and powerful element that is helpful in skin damage caused by the harmful UV rays. Applying Vitamin E acetate on your skin helps in nourishment and promotes a protective layer on your skin against all damage caused due to free radicals.


Glycerine is an excellent choice for skin care as it not only acts as a protective layer on your skin that locks the humidity, but it also constantly promotes natural moisturization of the skin, relieves the dryness, refreshes your skin, as well as leaves an overall soft texture on your skin.

How To Use Oats and Honey Scrubber

Step 1 – Wash your face and
Apply the scrubber.

Step 2 – Leave it for 10 mins then do
gentle massage for few seconds.

Step 3 – Use Distilled water or
Aloevera gel for massage.
Use it 3 times a week , once in a Day.

Why you should choose Oats and Honey Scrubber

Oats and Honey Scrubber
Gently Exfloiates
Boost Skin Elasticity
No Sulphate
No Parabens
Ayurvedic Natural ingredients
Removes Dead skin cells
Remove Impurities
Other Product

✖Doesn’t remove impurities

Harsh Exfloiation
Harsh on skin
Contains Sulphate
Contains Parabens
Contains chemicals
Doesn’t remove dead skin


A honey and oats scrub is the perfect companion for every skin type. This natural and home-made scrubber might be the one that saves your skin from the harsh and tough conditions! Save your skin from the harsh and polluted weather conditions and transform the way it looks and feels today!

    1. Moisturising property – The honey and oats scrubber has a naturally smoothening agent that will rid your skin of all impurities with just one use. Removing the dirt and excess oils from your skin greatly helps in retaining and rejuvenating your skin.
    2. Protection from UV exposure – The vitamin E acetate component helps in protecting the skin against UV rays which makes the skin rich and healthy every day.
    3. Anti-inflammatory – This scrubber has anti-inflammatory effects on the skin that works perfectly against allergy-causing agents.
    4. Smooth Skin – The oats powder in the product cleanses the skin thoroughly without leaving any residue on the skin. This thorough cleansing procedure helps to keep the skin super smooth and soft after every use.
    5. Brightens skin – a clean skin is a happy and healthy skin and that is exactly what this scrubber will do for you!


  1. Is it natural?
    Ans: Yes, it is natural due to the presence of best herbal ingredients in the oats and honey Scrub.
  2. Who can use it?
    Ans: Anybody can use it. There is no age limit.
  3. Are there any side-effects?
    Ans: No, there will be no side-effects if you don’t have any skin allergy at present.


Natural products can also be allergic to some people. We suggest a small patch test on the inner side of the elbow and leave it for 60 mins. Discontinue if irritation occurs. Consult a dermatologist in case of any reaction or emergency. Natural ingredients may change its color and Fragrance without losing its effectiveness. Store in a Cool and Dry Place.

Oats and Honey Scrubber

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