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Pure Aloevera Gel and Natural Green Tea Face Mask combo

Pure Aloevera Gel and Natural Green Tea Face Mask combo

Pure Aloevera Gel and Natural Green Tea Face Mask combo

When it comes to taking care of your skin and giving it back its youthful glow, there is almost no equivalent of green tea and aloe Vera. And when these two are combined together, it is the ultimate win win situation for your skin!




This combo contains :
  • Green Tea Extract – Green tea has high antioxidant properties, such as reducing skin irritation, redness, swelling, or sunburns. Green tea extracts works as a great moisturizer, while also preventing acne breakouts.
  • Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera soothes your sunburns and helps in preventing them, moisturizes dry skin, prevents inflammatory acne as well as eczema, reduces dandruff, and much more.
  • Glycerine – Glycerine acts as a protective layer on your skin that locks the humidity, constantly promotes natural moisturization of the skin, relieves the dryness, and refreshes your skin.
  • Coconut oil – Coconut oil creates a natural barrier on your skin that retains moisture, it also has anti inflammatory properties that are good for sensitive or irritated skins.

Aloe Vera helps greatly in fighting acne. Aloe Vera has antibacterial properties that helps control the bacteria that cause acne, pimples, and also helps cure acne-scars and dark spots. Using Aloevera gel on your pimples will definitely help with the inflammation and the pain and will fasten the cure process. Not only that, Aloe Vera gel works as a great moisturizer. Aloevera gel helps keep the skin soft, youthful and plump if used as a moisturizer daily.

The Natural Green Tea face mask contains green tea extracts, Aloevera and turmeric which are anti bacterial and fight the acne causing bacteria. These ingredients help in curing painful pimples and acne and this makes the face wash perfect if you have acne prone skin.It also helps with dark circles and dark spots, which evens out the overall skin tone making your skin look very clear.

Pure Aloevera Gel and Natural Green Tea Face Mask combo
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