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Terms & Conditions

When you use the website, it is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your account as well as of your password. In order to prevent any unauthorised access to your account, keep your computer in a safe location. You must understand and agree to accept all responsibilities for the activities that take place on your account using your password. you must take all preventative measures so that your password is safe and secure at all times. However, if you feel like that your password has gotten leaked or it is going to be used against your authorities, you must alert us immediately. You must provide us with the most up-to-date and proper information. If you have made any changes from the information that you had registered with, it is important for you to inform us about that. You will be able to not only access but also update all information in the Your Account section provided on the website. You must understand that we possess the right to terminate your account, deny access to your account, remove content or edit them without any prior notice.

It is important that you review the privacy notice that is very important to your membership with us. There is no reason to worry about because the private information that you will be provided during your association with us will be kept confidential according to the agreements made in the privacy notice as well as the applicable rules and regulation. If you have any problem with your information being circulated or used in the course of work, you may stop using our website.

It is important that you understand that when you agree to use our website, you acknowledge that this website has been designed for you to purchase products online at the price that has been listed for various products on the website. You also understand and accept that we are simply a facilitator and in no means control your transaction through this website. According to this the contract of sale of the various products is simply a bipartite Contract. 

We promise to put every effort possible to provide unwarranted accessibility to the website without any error. However, it is rather comprehensive that because of the unstable nature of the internet in itself, this may not be possible at all times. Please understand that you may sometimes not able to access the website as the accessibility may be suspended or restricted in order to perform maintenance activities or in order to introduce new services. Such maintenance and repair work may take place without any prior notice. We try to keep the frequency and duration of such suspension as low as possible.

While we offer you the permission to access our website at any point in time, you have ever do not have the authority to download or modify the website or a specific portion of it. Your licence to access the website does not give you the authority to resell or use this website for a commercial from a commercial transaction. The use of the product listings, prices, description or any other subpart of the website, using data mining or other data gathering tools is not permitted on the website.

The website in its entirety or a specific portion of it cannot be duplicated, reproduced, sold, copied, resold, distributed or used for any other commercial purpose without our written consent. You must not use any framing techniques or frame any of our trademarks, logo or proprietary information.

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