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All the products in this kit come together with bounties of Ayurvedic goodness and none of them contain chemical ingredients, which may prove to be harmful for your skin. Here’s the complete list of products that the kit contains:

Oats and Honey Scrubber

Honey Oats Scrubber is one that is most used by people all around the world for its universal skin properties. There is hardly anyone that may have had a bad experience with a honey oats scrubber. Finding a replacement for it seems impossible even!

Night Serum – 7 in 1

Night Serum – 7 in 1 works as a night face elixir that transforms the skin and rejuvenates it completely. The rich and light-weight texture repairs & nourishes the skin deeply. It revives the skin while you sleep peacefully.    

Chocolate Face Mask

Chocolates, apart from acting as stress busters, also provide several benefits for the skin. Chocolate facials suit most of the skin types and are a great way to pamper your skin.

Primrose Green Tea Day Cream

The Green tea and evening primrose Day Cream is one of the most rejuvenating day creams that are suitable for almost all skin types. It has some of the most profound properties that are required by those who are in need of perfect skin.

Pure Aloevera Gel

Taking care of your face is very important no matter the age. If the skin is taken care of from teenage years, the skin looks youthful, soft and wrinkle-free for a very long time. Having a skin care routine that suits your skin type is very important. However, using cosmetics filled with chemicals are extremely harmful for your skin. Aloevera gel is a great substitute as it has a lot of benefits for your skin.

Cleansing Milk

Natural milk has thousands of benefits that work wonders either by consuming it or even by applying it to your skin. It is packed with proteins, vitamins and minerals that will boost up the health of your skin in ways that you could not have imagined! Cleansing milk is one of the best skin care products to be available in the market in recent times.

Cucumber and Papaya Toner Mist

Face toner is a skin care product used after washing your face. It helps in controlling sebum production, tightens pores and maintains pH level of your skin. Having a good skin care routine is necessary to preserve youthfulness and glow. But using products with artificial chemicals in them defeats the purpose. Natural products like a cucumber and papaya face toner containing organic ingredients are extremely beneficial for your skin.

Green Tea & Honey Facewash

Searching the perfect face wash is very hard. It is the most important part of skin care. We have to make sure that the face wash washes off dirt and oil after a day very well while also making sure that our skin ailments like acne, redness, oiliness, etc are being helped. Face washes containing natural ingredients are a much better option than the ones containing harmful chemicals.
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